It is MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES' goal to provide technical consulting services for FAA Supplemental Type Certification of General Aviation aircraft. Military Commercial Derivative Aircraft and for "Public Use" aircraft in general.

In civil aviation, we have worked with small businesses, individual aircraft owners and/or aviation enthusiasts to obtain FAA Supplemental Type Certifications and Parts Manufacturing Approvals for over 10 years.  Our past projects have included internal and external alterations of various models of Grumman, Hawker Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna and Boeing Stearman aircraft.  

In addition to our general aviation business, we have a very strong background on airworthiness of Military Commercial Derivative Aircraft, with special emphasis on Air Force procured aircraft.  We can help you navigate the difficult issues associated with integrating military and civil safety processes.  We are focusing on building a practice to provide assistance to military program and airworthiness offices and especially to applicants or prime contractors in order to maintain the high levels of safety of these proven aircraft.

In our work with commercial derivatives, we found that airworthiness of Public Use aircraft in general (i.e., aircraft flown by units of government; local, state, and federal) was often a confusing subject and open to interpretation by well meaning staffs having limited resources and documented information on which to base a sound airworthiness process.  It is our intention to focus on and to provide assistance to the airworthiness staffs or points of contact for all units of government from local police or parks to cabinet levels.  

Our web site is continually in review and we are always open to suggestions for improvement. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of services as soon as possible.

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