For all of our projects, MORGAN AIRCRAFT SERVICES LLC will contract with you as a private consultant and not an employee.  As part of our contract, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement that gives us limited use of your data, and gives you full rights to data we prepare for you.  Payments to MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES LLC may be made by your choice of cash, check or wire transfer.  MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES LLC requests that where the yearly total of all project payments made by a U.S. company or entity that exceed $600.00 annually, you provide us an IRS Form 1099-MISC before January 15 of the year after the payments are made.  For small companies or private individuals, we will provide limited guidance to you in the filling out the IRS form, but the preparation of the form must be yours.

For Commercial Derivative and Public Use projects only: when working with a contractor, due to our recent retirement from federal service, we are prohibited from representing a company directly to any government organization until 1 November 2010.  When working as a DER, however, we are not representing the company to the government, but are representing the FAA position to the company or government organization, and the prohibition does not apply.

For Civil, Military Commercial Derivative or Public Use aircraft projects, we believe we can assist in your airworthiness certification needs.  Please contact us directly at

For civil Certification Projects MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES LLC is fully committed to work with you to provide the appropriate Aircraft Certification Office an acceptable FAA Certification Plan.  We will then assist you in executing that plan to show compliance with FAA regulations and attain an FAA engineering approval or Supplemental Type Certificate.  The certification plan will include certification deliverable documents.  We can assist you in the completion of those deliverables to any depth requested.  We are also committed if requested, to assisting in your pursuit of a parts manufacturing approval (PMA) for follow-on production and replacement parts. 

MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES LLC business model for civil aircraft certification is based on a schedule that is agreed to by the applicant (you) and is submitted to the FAA as included in the Certification Plan.  An agreement between yourselves and MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES LLC will establish certain progress milestones at which payment is expected.  We recognize that often times events result in tightening or slipping of schedules.  In general, our payments are due on successful meeting of milestones rather than dates, but we also recognize our obligation to the FAA to keep the schedule up to date, so they may plan resources accordingly. Our contracts will address such details.  We will provide a template contract and non-disclosure agreement prior to commitment.  For more information on our business contracts please contact us at

For Military commercial derivative aircraft, we offer Management DER services and/or specific task oriented services to assist in your understanding of the civil Certification process and how it may be integrated into the airworthiness process of your contracting armed service.  For Air Force projects we are intimately familiar with MIL-HDBK-516B and the Tailored Airworthiness Certification Criteria (TACC) and Modified Airworthiness Certification Criteria (MACC) process.  For Army and Navy projects, we are very familiar with the airworthiness and flight release processes of those services.

Our business model for military commercial derivative projects is that we are open to contracting for our services either with the responsible armed service, prime contractor or applicant on a task basis.  We are open to any type of contract required and are certainly willing to agree to your company's policy for non-disclosure agreements.  However, we are reluctant to enter into any exclusive contract or contract that prohibits us from any potential new business.  While we are not prepared to, and do not wish to, become involved on highly classified projects, we currently hold a security clearance should any potential program require it.  Contact our security department at for more information regarding programs which require vendors hold a current security clearance.

Our business model for Public Use aircraft is a strong mix of our civil model and support for Commercial Derivative Aircraft in that we offer many of the same services and the same or similar contracting plans.  When working with applicants we can employ the same technical and business models we use for civil aircraft, and when working with units of government, we are open to using your contract models.  Since many Public Use aircraft also carry Standard Certificates of Airworthiness, those aircraft may routinely go into and out of public use.  When modifying an aircraft through a Supplemental Type Certificate or Field Approval, MORGAN AVIATION SERVICES LLC is fully committed to work with your Aircraft Certification Office and local FSDO or PI to assure the safety of the aircraft by maintaining the integrity of type certificate and therefore the Standard Certificate of Airworthiness. 

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